Summer is just around the corner, but I’m already there.  Grilling out on Saturdays, playing pickup soccer on Sundays and getting outside for a run every chance I get, shirtless of course to save on laundry time.   The other great thing is that the dress code is much simplified.  Summer jeans, short sleeves and flip flops on my feet.  Alas, I am afraid this year as the mileage has gone way up my Nikes, I am going to have to make a dreaded decision.  Do I want my feet to be in good enough condition so I can keep running everyday or do I want to wear flip flops? 

I love my flips just as much as anybody.  Mostly because this beach bum style footwear looks just as good with board shorts as they do with a tuxedo in a wedding.  As amazingly versatile as they are they simply wreck your feet.  So what’s it going to be?  Well, there may be an answer to this one of life’s biggest questions.  I am saving my beach bum style by adding a little granola.  Chacos sandals, the preferred footwear of kayakers and Subaru drivers everywhere, have a unique strap system, great foot support and they feel awesome.  Normally these sandals have a look that is a little too L.L. Bean for me, but Chaco has come up with a flip version.  This sandal/flip flop hybrid has a kind of Beach Cruiser meets Jesus Cruiser look that bridges the gap perfectly and has my feet singing “Amazing Grace”.