Present gifts this year with the deep Ah-Ha! Moment that comes from filling a genuine need. Ultimate Body Press home fitness gear fits a packed lifestyle by turning ‘drive to the gym’ time into workout time.

Dip Bar Fitness Station
The Dip Bar is the easiest pick to make this year for anyone on your holiday shopping list. It’s compact and built to last, looks great in every home gym, and inspires health and fitness daily with the bodyweight exercises that are fun to do and reward brief intense workouts with fast results.

The Dip Bar also ships in a surprisingly compact box that looks great wrapped under the tree!

Pull Up Bar
The Pull up is the original compound body weight exercise that gets great results by engaging nearly every major muscle group in the body with each movement. In the home gym, Pull Up Bar becomes the central piece of equipment supporting a host of exercises with powerfully effective accessories like Ab Straps, Push Up Rings and Resistance Trainers. The Doorway Pull Up Bar fits every room and the mounted bars make a fantastic upgrade for high intensity workouts with specialty movements requiring a broad range of motion.

Dynamic Strength Package
Dip Bar, Weighted Dip Belt, Push Up Rings
The Dynamic Strength Package brings home serious strength training with an emphasis on speed and agility. For athletes and professionals looking to enhance performance, the weighted dip belt resistance trainer with ankle straps brings new attention the chronically difficult to train area lower abs, hips, knees and ankles. Push Up Rings add expanded variations and a new stability challenge to push ups and add new exercises to any Pull Up Bar.