We have all done it before.  Someone is about to take a picture of you so you suck in your gut to look thinner.  You probably do the same thing when you look at yourself in the mirror.  Well guess what.  There is more to that reaction than vanity alone.  It is your mind telling your body to straighten up and it is a key change in your posture that you can practice ALL THE TIME.  The benefits are overwhelming and it won’t take a single extra minute out of your day. 

A strong core forms the base of all movement. You can strength train 5 times a week and do sit ups for hours, but you will still lack the strength and conditioning required in your deep core muscles.  That is because a stronger core does not necessarily mean going to the gym.  It involves an awareness of the muscles that surround your pelvis and support your spine.  Imagine you are balancing a yard stick in the palm of your hand.  If you tilt your hand forward, you lose control and the yard stick falls over.  Now image that your spine is the yard stick and your pelvis is the palm of your hand.  Most of us walk around with our pelvis tipped forward requiring our back and shoulder muscles to fight to keep us from falling over.  This is a bad thing, but the solution is simple.

Fixing your posture problem is so easy and doing so means you will look sexier, run faster and feel better for the rest of your life!  Here is the answer to your problem. Whether you are driving in your car, walking through the grocery store or running a 100m dash, suck in your gut.

Try this right now.  Stand up. Suck in your gut. Tighten your glutes a bit and make yourself as tall as possible. Now make sure your shoulders are back and relaxed.  What you have just done is properly aligned your upper body and spine, rotated you pelvis into a more upright position and relieved stress on the muscles of your back and shoulders.  Can you believe something so good for you could be so easy? 

Start by practicing while you are in the car.  Suck in your gut, keeping your shoulders back a relaxed.  If you are driving, you may need to move the seat up so you can still reach the steering wheel.  Sorry, you can’t get your “gansta lean” on anymore.  You will look more like “Driving Miss Daisy”, but so what? It’s good for you. Do this for as long as you can.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to breath and to use your turn signals.  Next try it while you are walking to class or standing around at a party.  Suck in your gut and tighten your glutes.  This is an isometric workout you can do anytime and anywhere.  It sounds simple, but if make a conscious effort to do this as much as you can, you will notice the difference in just a couple days!

So, here’s to a better you.  SUCK IN THAT GUT