Our mirror has been telling me things I’ve been having a tough time accepting. While a new baby in the house has rewritten our daily lives, I’m seeing positive results despite having less time for the Dip Bar. While I have no time to get to the gym, I can manage to sneak in 10 Ring Push Ups when my coffee isn’t quite cutting it, or a quick circuit when I ‘accidentally’ eat 2 days worth of calories like I did yesterday afternoon. It simply feels great to catch a little something physical here and there throughout the day.

In fact, I’m seeing results now at a rate I never experienced when going to the gym 3 days a week. I’m building lean muscle, burning fat, and I’m having an easier time standing up from playtime with the baby now that he weighs 20lbs than I did when he weighed 10. So something is working but I did not quite know what until I read this recent article in the NYTimes about a new study showing the benefits of daily exercise. Turns out, once a day fitness has incredible benefits. Between my brief workouts on the Dip Bar and toting around our tot, I’m suddenly finding myself in the best shape of my life.

If it were just the 20 pound kid, every parent would be doing better and we know that is not the case. For me it’s the Dip Bar, set up and ready to go at all times. To show you what I mean, I’m going to go do 10 Knee Raises and 20 Dips… Back in a Flash!

Ahhh, that’s better. My metabolism is now kicked up and it’s going to stay that way for hours. Before the day is out I’ll catch some Body Weight Rows on the Dip Bar (my favorite) and apparently, that’s just enough to keep my system one step ahead of my calorie intake. The Dip Bar is working for me because at-home-fitness simply works. I’m wishing now that I had the Dip Bar back when I had time for the gym so that I was doing a little something on the days between my longer workouts.

Oh and if you do not have access to a 20lb baby without any locomotion skills, pick yourself up an Exercise Sandbag and see what a few squats a day does for you!