We were all so busy yesterday with turkeys and kids and cooking and eating, we couldn’t pull ourselves away to publicly acknowledge all for whom we’re thankful.

But these people should be thanked every day, so here we go:
First and foremost, we are thankful for our families who support and love us even when we’re sore from a hard workout or cranky because, although we’re trying to eat cleanly, what we really want is a burger and fries. (And a cold one.)
We are thankful for the trainers whose job it is to inspire and motivate us to achieve our personal best.
We’re thankful for other companies dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and doing so in an ethical way.
We’re thankful for all of you who wake up every day and try to make healthy choices. We know how hard it is to maintain wellness in our busy lives.
We’re so thankful we live in a country where good, healthy food is abundant. We are thankful for the farmers who dedicate their lives to growing this good, healthy food. We’re thankful we have enough to eat where so much of the world does not. We are truly blessed.

To all of you who support us and our mission at Ultimate Body Press, we thank you. Here’s to a continued healthy holiday season and to kicking off 2014 with strength!