dynamic strength package

In the quest for physical well being, we all want maximum results with minimal time spent. With the Ultimate Body Press Dynamic Strength Package, this is achievable. The combination dip station and accessory packs offer you the ability to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, skyrocketing your metabolism to burn fat long after you’ve stopped working out.

dynamic strength package

How is this possible?

Most machines at the gym focus on singular movements isolating singular muscle groups (leg presses, bicep curls, etc.), which not only fragments the body in unnatural ways, but forces your workouts to take twice as much time. The dip station and accessory packs work multiple muscle groups in unison, doubling and tripling down on the effectiveness of each exercise. Instead of wasting time by doing 3 sets of bench presses followed by 3 sets of sit ups, the dip station combines the exercises, firing your arms, core, and back at once. These compound exercises recruit more muscle fibers to release anabolic hormones, which is what builds muscle.

While the Dip Station is a simple-looking piece of equipment, the results it delivers are massive. Use the accessory packs and add up to 60 lbs of elastic resistance to your chest and tricep exercises. Unparalleled efficiency and extreme fun, the Dynamic Strength Package will transform your workouts and then your life.

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