original dip bar fitness station

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Dip Station from Ultimate Body Press is the key to your workout success. Easy to set up, sleek, and lightweight, the Dip Station will become your favorite at-home piece of equipment. Created with your results in mind, the unit requires multiple muscles to work simultaneously on any given exercise. These compound movements will ignite your metabolism, burning fat even after you’re done working out. It’s safe to say, the Dip Station delivers the results.

Who Can Use the Dip Station?

Everyone! Designed to accommodate beginners to seasoned athletes alike, the Dip Station will absolutely work for you.

Beginners: New to fitness and intimidated by the confusing machines at the gym? Skip that stress entirely. Invest in the single most important piece of equipment and begin your transformation. We’ve even got an online guide to assist you in your workouts.

Stay-at-homers: Have little ones who make it impossible to get to the gym? Wait for that sacred afternoon nap and retreat to your ultimate stress reliever, tucked under the couch. Pull the dip bar out, take 30 seconds to set it up, and begin tearing through a round of knee raises. Your abs and soul will feel enlivened.

Working Professionals: Do you often miss workouts to rush off to an early morning job? Even before your wife gets out of bed, you’ll have completed 3 sets of dips, firing your upper body and giving you a boost of energy for your busy work day.

Young Athletes: Is your teenage athlete getting serious about sports performance? Take his or her fitness to the next level by investing in a safe equipment piece that you can monitor in your own home.

Advanced Athletes: Are you a workout junky? The Dip Station will elevate your routines, simultaneously activating key muscle groups in your arms, upper and lower back, and core, maximizing your results. Sweet right?

Beginner or advanced, the Dip Station will transform your workout routines and then your life. Check out our product page to get detailed descriptions, specifications, features, and videos to get you excited about your very own Dip Station from Ultimate Body Press.