Let’s debunk these fitness myths!


Myth #1 Heavy Lifting Will Cause Women To Bulk

We want to put this myth to rest more than any other. Ladies, listen up. Lifting heavier weights increases muscle mass, which is the key to boosting metabolism, which burns fat. You won’t bulk, because women don’t have a high enough level of testosterone to pack mass. Instead, your muscles will see that lean definition you’ve always wanted. Cardio will burn calories for weight loss (if you are netting a weekly caloric deficit), but will not sculpt your muscles the way heavy lifting will.

Myth #2 Cardio Is The Best Way to Lose Weight

Although cardio is a great way to increase your heart rate, to sculpt muscle you need to look to diversify your workout plan. Try adding compound body-weight exercises such as burpees with a sandbag or wall sits with shoulder presses–these exercises activate both the lower and upper body simultaneously while also triggering stabilizer muscles in the core. Also, see above. Heavy lifting a few times a week is the key to burning fat and sculpting muscle.

Myth #3 Working Out Means I Can Eat What I Want

Working out but eating poorly is a wellness oxymoron. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, look to what you put on your plate. When you eat poorly, not only are you back-peddling from your hard workout, but you’re mistreating your body internally. Your heart, lungs, digestive tract, and most importantly, mind, all need nutritional food to function well, just like your muscles. True health is not just about crushing it at the gym to improve the look of our bodies, but about embracing a whole-body approach to living well.

Myth #4 Gym Machines Are Effective

Gym machines are great for beginners as they force you into good form which prevents injury; however, this is the exact reason for their ineffectiveness. Gym machines keep you fixed, forcing the smaller muscles used in balance and stability to remain stagnant. With gym machines only your big muscles get worked. Body-weight exercises that combine free weights such as bicep curls plus squats challenge the big and small muscles to work in unison, doubling down on the effectiveness of each exercise. Check out the Dip Station to see a piece of equipment that forces multiple muscle groups to work at once.

Myth #5 Fat Can Be Spot-Reduced

Ever heard endless crunches aren’t the way to a slim center? It’s true. Fat comes off in different spots around the body at different times for different people. Women might experience the reduction of fat off their arms, breasts, and face long before their butt and thighs. To reduce fat in one area, you have to commit to reducing fat everywhere. The only way to do this is by combining body-weight exercises and cardio with a balanced diet. That’s it. No quick fixes; just wellness.

Myth #6 Vegetarian Diets Are Healthier Than Meat-Inclusive Diets

The fact is, meat, by nature, isn’t unhealthy. However, there’s an unhealthy way to consume anything. Too much meat from questionable sources can be incredibly unhealthy. But dipping asparagus in batter and deep frying it isn’t healthy either. Eating well is about perspective and common sense. A baked breast of organic chicken with sauteed zucchini and steamed greens is about as healthy as you can get. Meat isn’t the enemy. Over-indulgence and mindless eating are the bad habits to avoid.

Myth #7 Long Workouts Are Better Than Short Workouts

It aint necessarily so. There is nothing wrong with a long workout. Long workouts build stamina and endurance and challenge the most stubborn muscle of all, our brains. But in today’s fast-paced, busy world, who has time to run for 45 minutes 3 days a week? You’d be amazed at how incredible you feel after a high-intensity, 15 minute workout of dip presses, knee raises, and body weight rows. In only a few minutes you can fire your core, igniting your metabolism to burn fat long after you’re done working out.

Myth #8 You Need A Gym Membership to Get Fit

The fact is, you only need your body and your ambition to get in shape. So much of being in shape has to do with what you eat, but the other huge part of it is the drive to continually stay active. Park at the far end of the lot and walk further to get to the store. Rock out 20 jumping jacks while waiting for the coffee to brew. Challenge your brother-in-law to an arm wrestling match. Staying active is a state of mind. Getting fit follows.

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