It’s easy to get great new results fast with Push Up Rings from Ultimate Body Press.  Push Up Rings work with any pull up bar and your Dip Bar Fitness Station to add new compound bodyweight exercises that will help you build lean muscle fast.  Push Up Rings add a new stability challenge to push ups and planks but they also make doing push ups more comfortable as the high density foam over rigid cores work with the shape of your hands and take stress off your wrists.  Ultimate Body Press Push Up Rings give you a whole new outlook on push ups.

Push Up Rings also expand your workouts on your pull up bar.  If you are working up to bigger challenges like your first 10 reps on the pull up bar or even your first unassisted pull up, the Push Up Rings mounted to your pull up bar gives new ways to do assisted variations of your most challenging exercises.  The Body Weight Row is an Ultimate Body Press staff favorite:  Hang your push up rings at chest height and do pull ups with your feet on the ground.  The Body weight Row works all the same muscles as a full pull up with much less resistance so you can complete more sets of the single best bodyweight exercise out there.  It’s fun to do, it’s progress you can feel, and the results fit every aspect of your life.

Find more great exercise available with the Push Up Rings in our workouts section at .  Remember that all skill levels can add modified and assisted exercises variations with Push Up Rings to enable both full repetitions of each exercise and additional sets.   Ultimate Body Press push Up Rings support your best results by getting your heart rate up while working multiple major muscle groups.

And that’s how you get great results fast with just a little bit of gear and just a few minutes out of each week.

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