Over the next few weeks, we will highlight several different eating plans like the Paleo Diet, Low Gylcemic Diet, and eating gluten-free. We’ll provide an overview introduction to the eating plan, post links to websites for more information, and put up recipes we love following each eating plan’s guidelines.

We don’t endorse any single lifestyle or eating plan, because we believe that living a healthy lifestyle is all about making good choices that work for you. We embrace all the good ones, because they all work for someone. We hope you’ll find an eating plan that works for you, or perhaps you’ll pick and choose from several to create your perfect eating agenda. It doesn’t matter to us how you do it! Just as long as you are eating healthily and using good portion control, well, it’s all gravy baby.

And for the record, we find the word ‘diet’ problematic. Living healthily and treating your body with care isn’t a fad. We prefer to think about creating good eating habits we can sustain. Start with making incremental changes for the better, and soon you’ll be eating well for a lifetime.

Don’t miss our first highlighted eating plan this week: the Paleo Diet!