Set yourself up for success. Having the right food choices on hand makes all the difference when it comes to establishing more healthy eating habits. The first thing for you to do is clear your pantry of things like chips, crackers, cookies, even pretzels. While you may think some of these are healthy choices there are better options. Even whole wheat products still contain enough processed flours to send your blood sugar soaring and that means your metabolism will take a nose dive.


The absolute best snacks can be found in the produce isle. So stock up on fruits and vegetables instead because they are packed with vital nutrients and are notably short on calories. Take Asian Pears, for instance.  How can something so sweet and delicious only have 50 calories? Pair your pear with some cheese for a sweet and savory snack you can enjoy in seconds. Here we have a lovely afternoon snack. 140 calories, 6 g protein, 5 g fat, 9 g natural sugar and 4 g fiber .

Like your body, fruits and vegetables are made mostly of water along with a perfect combination of vitamins straight from the earth, natural sugars and fiber, leaving you feeling full and satisfied. Furthermore, the natural sugars breakdown more slowly in your body so you are less likely to experience a spike in your blood sugar levels. You will have more sustained energy and a higher metabolism throughout the day.

PREPARATION TIP:  Use a melon baller to quickly remove the core from fruits like pears and apples.  It’s fast and makes for a more attractive presentation of the fruit.

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