The way you feel and how others react to you has as much to do with what you say as it does with what your body is communicating while you speak, but do not confuse body composition with body language because it’s your posture not your percentage body fat that determines what message you will send. Your body language has a profound effect on you and the people around you. This is so true that half our brains are dedicated to interpreting body language and not words. That’s why we have a left brain and a right brain because before humans used spoken word we communicated using body language.

I’m sure that you can read body language, but how good are you at speaking it? Not sure? The good news is body language can be learned just like learning a spoken language and it just as important too because before you speak a single word to someone, they have already made a judgment about you based on your body language alone. It’s just human nature.

It’s a language of movement, poise and performance. Those who are most fluent in this body language will also excel in activities like sports, combat and the arts like dance and music. You can also use it to influence others, improving your posture will even help you make friends.

Ultimate Body Press exercises help you with your body language in two ways. First, they give you strength and help you build muscle quickly, boosting your metabolism and helping you lose fat. Learning these exercises will teach you how to develop and maintain the amazing instrument that is your own human body.

Finally our exercises teach you about body language and posture. You will develop a new feeling of control over all parts of your body so that you can move with great precision and power. You will look different, feel different and move differently, changing the way you feel and how others react to you.