For both recreational and competitive athletes, an Ultimate Body Press workout can provide all the upper body and core strength you need, but at some point you will need an exercise like running to develop cardiovascular endurance and leg strength for sports.  Running can do ALL that for you.  Unfortunately, when many people start running longer distances they experience a loss of sprinting speed.  This is a problem because most sports require a combination of speed and endurance.  Luckily, there is a way to get a great endurance workout without sacrificing speed. 

The reason distance running often comes at the sacrifice of top speed is because the athlete has falsely chosen an entirely different running pattern for longer distances. They have moved from a sprinting pattern into a heel-toe jogging pattern that more closely resembles walking.  This is a common misconception and has much to do with current shoe technology.  If you want proof, just look at the shoes worn by top distance runners.  They are nothing like the running shoes you will find in most stores. 

The shoes are known as “racing flats” and they are remarkably similar to the shoes worn by sprinters.  Just like with track shoes, marathoners’ shoes have no bulky heel pad because good distance runners do not actually land on their heels.  This is a more biomechanically efficient way to run.  Learning this proper running technique that eliminates the heel strike will increase your foot strength and means you will always be reinforcing good sprinting technique no matter what distance you run.

**Racing flats are extremely useful for learning how to run properly because they are more flexible and give you really good feedback.  However, they do not offer much support.  Use them for training then once you’ve learned the new technique you can go back to a shoes with more support.