If you are designing your new home gym, make sure that music is part of the equation. Listening to music while you workout adds a little extra entertainment and the great thing about working out at home is you get to pick what plays. Just make sure that something, anything is playing. You will work out longer and with more intensity if there is music playing.

musicAccording to recent study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine you may also want to turn the music up louder for even better results. The study compared the exercise output of individuals listening to music at various volumes. The individuals were tested during strength training and cardio exercise. The researchers found that when music was present at any volume the subjects performed better at cardio. The research also suggests that for strength training there is a distinct advantage to playing the music at a louder volume. The study found that the individuals listening to louder music could perform more repetitions than those listening at lower volumes. Those listening to louder music did an average of 29 leg presses while those listening at a lower volume only averaged 26.

Simply put, music is fun. When you’re having fun you will perform better. So next time you workout make sure you have some music playing. Put on your head phones. Drag the computer into your workout room. Crank up the satellite radio. Let the music take control and your workouts will improve because you will feel less fatigue and build more muscle without even knowing it. Sounds good doesn’t it?