We want Lorenz Sell to know that we are watching him. He has set some pretty big life goals for himself including climbing Mount Everest, competing in an Iron Man and a Body Building competition all before he turns 31. Did we mention Lorenz has all ready founded a run many successful businesses?  And the guy is fit, seriously fit. His blog is filled with personal and inspirational messages about life, fitness and reaching your goals as he pursues his own.

The Find Me Fit blog also contains a running series of very candid videos from Lorenz where he delivers unscripted but very well composed messages about achieving clarity and action. We encourage everyone to pursue their passions and experience life with great vigor so check the Find Me Fit blog because Lorenz is a great example of this kind of enthusiasm. He has set the bar pretty high for himself and he may inspire you to climb your own mountain. Good Luck Lorenz!