The Office Party
Why waste your best post-workout moments with a drive home from the gym when you can apply your fully activated self to your biggest professional challenges in the heart of your day. Burning off fat and adding muscle tone are just side effects to the real win – your professional performance soars every time you power up your system right where you work. It’s time to add a Dip Bar, Exercise sandbag and Pull Up Bar to your office – it’s time for the Office Party.

Dip Station vs. The Coffee Machine
Coffee is great and it works to a point but there is a more powerful alternative. A few quick reps on the Ultimate Body Press Dip Station amps your metabolism and gets your blood flowing the right way. Once your heart rate increases everything you do sharpens – from your posture to your mental acuity. When you want to be a step ahead every time, skip the stimulants and go right for the real deal. Replace your 10am coffee with 20 assisted Dips and you will change your professional track forever.

Burn While you Earn – More.
Studies show people who work out earn more money. It’s easy to see why. When you look great you feel great and simply perform better. In the office, the genuine confidence that comes from working out will inspire your entire team and put you in the kind of leadership role that leverages opportunities and sparks initiative. Try it yourself with an Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag. Our office favorite – the Sandbag Squat – activates your largest muscle groups, spikes your metabolism and crushes the afternoon doldrums. Want a new quarterly bonus? Squats also help you look hot for the spouse or the after 5 set.

Better Professionalism
We all do it, we work for weeks and months for the big meeting. But when the moment comes you find your PowerPoint presentation is short the slide that helps you nail the first impression. That’s your pull up bar’s job and simply put your smile looks better when it’s framed with a trim jaw, full chest and broad shoulders. But the real spark you need to carry into meetings comes from having increased your pull up count before you walked down the hall from your office. That’s how you put the power into your stance and tone of your voice that gets your audience to relax, trust, and listen. It’s a victory you earned in advance and after all, that’s what being a professional is really all about.


The biggest secret to working out at work is that it’s fun. It’s a chance for you to contribute to the bottom line while getting a quality break from the stress and pressure of the task at hand. Your office mates could use the same relief in their day and you might just inspire a whole lot of change for a whole lot of people. The only thing you have to lose is stress and fat and stress and fat will not begrudge your success one bit.

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