Since 2006, Ultimate Body Press has produced and sold over 10000 Dip Stations. With exercise progressions, it’s easy to tailor each movement to you level, build strength with full repetitions, and get rapid results. We build the Dip Station to give athletes, professionals and fitness enthusiasts gym quality workouts at home. And here’s why…

Dips are a compound exercise (more on that in a moment) that amp your metabolism and drive fat loss

Dips build every muscle in the upper body (chest, shoulders, arms) – rapidly

Dips make you look and feel amazing and deliver real performance gains

With an Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar in your home you can do dips at intervals throughout your day without any set up or preamble. Put Dips at the center of a metabolism-driven approach to fat loss and fitness, and you get the results you want at home in tiny little chunks of time.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Position your Ultimate Body Press Dip bar in your kitchen or other high traffic area.

Step 2: Do a few quick Dips every time you see the Dip Bar.

Step 3: Enjoy the results and use your progress to fuel additional activities

Dip Station Exercise Progressions:

Exercise progressions let you start with a low impact variation and work up gently to the full movement over time.  Progressions also let you complete workouts with full rep counts.  Note that even the most experienced users will do isometric variations and assisted dips to extend a full workout.  As with all exercise programs consult your doctor before you begin.

 Isometric Dips (Preliminary muscle development)

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Station lets you apply tension to your muscles without motion or muscle contraction.  Simply stand at your Dip Station and apply downward pressure on the grips.  Focus on activating your chest and shoulder muscles – avoid shrugging your shoulders.  Hold for a count of 8, rest and repeat but take it easy to start.  Remember that your body does the real muscle work after your exercise is complete.   Isometric Dips are the low stress and low impact way to build muscle across your entire upper body – including your arms and wrists.

The Assisted Dip (For beginners and advanced users looking to scale rep count.)

assisted dip how to

Stand at your Dip Station and leave one or even both feet on the ground as your complete your Dips. Your body is great at setting your ideal resistance level and you will rapidly increase your ability to do more reps and use the assist less. Remember that an Assisted Dip is still a dip and you will see progress and get results with every workout.  Use the Assisted Dip to extend your rep counts and remember to make use of the angled grips to do both Chest and Tricep dip variations.

The Chest Dip (Develops your Pecs and Delts)

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Station is designed with angled grips to enhance individual targeting of your chest and tricep muscles. For chest dips stand in the middle of the Dip Station with the narrow opening in front of you, lift and cross your legs behind you, then lean forward slightly and let your elbows move away from the body as you dip. Avoid shrugging your shoulders. Chest Dips rapidly build your chest and shoulder muscles.

The Tricep Dip (Targets the Tricep – the largest muscle in the arm)

how to do a tricep dip

Stand in the middle of the Dip Station with the wide dip station opening in front of you and keep your body in a vertical position as you dip. The Tricep is the largest muscle in the arm, gives incredible push power and compliments the look of a developed bicep.

The Weighted Dip

dip belt weight dip how to

Dips get results fast – faster than you are expecting and you will soon see that all this muscle development is reducing the challenge. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Belt and Core Strength Accessory Pack adds up to 60 lbs of pure resistance without joint-stressing weights. It’s a high performance accessory that includes ankle tethers so you can also tone your abs and work the tough-to-train muscles in the hips, legs and ankles for dramatic speed and agility gains.  Use all of the dip progressions together with weighted dips for incredible muscle building and metabolic workouts.

The Body Weight Row

how to body weight row

Dips are so fun and effective that it’s important to balance your upper body development with a pull exercise – to prevent injury from a power imbalance.  Enter the Body Weight Row. By lifting your body up with a pull motion, you are adding strength to key areas of your shoulders chest and arms. The Body Weight Row also works the key muscles used for the Pull Up and packs in the additional benefit of helping you work up to doing more or even you first pull up.

Get started with your Ultimate Body Press Dip Station using progressions and you will soon be ready to explore the dozens of exercises you can do at home. Knee Raises and Ring Push Ups also get incredible results so be sure to check out our Ultimate Body Press training videos with fitness expert Brad Gouthro for even more workout ideas.

A few quick words on Compound Exercises

There’s a secret in fitness to burning fat and building lean muscle rapidly called Compound Exercises.  Compound Exercises engage multiple muscle groups in single movements. When you work large muscles simultaneously, you body responds by saying hey – this is serious, time to amp up the metabolism and when that happens you win.  But there’s something else to know… If you alternate compound exercises between your upper and lower body, your metabolism spikes to an ever greater level for unmatched fat burning and muscle building effect.  Compound Exercises are the mainstay of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts featured in our online workout videos.  Check one out today.