Undoubtedly, every person has some idea of where they’d rather be physically. Many folks want to clean up their diet and lose weight. Certain people want to bulk up for body competitions. Others want to simply move more. No matter your fitness goals, we want to help you achieve them. But we know it can be tough. That’s why we’re providing you with our best tricks of staying on track. Perhaps you’ll find other ways of sticking to your fitness goals. The important thing is that you’re committed to living a healthy life.

1. Write Down Your Biggest Fitness Goal & Rewind

What’s your ultimate fitness goal? Whether you’re trying to lose weight, lean out, build muscle, or improve your flexibility, you need to write down your biggest fitness goal. And then work backwards. Set that goal for a year from now and rewind month to month, setting easier-to-accomplish goals throughout the next year. All goals are achievable if you break them down and understand the smaller steps toward the larger destination.

2. See a Nutritionist

You can’t achieve your fitness goals without healthy eating. Not only will the nutritionist clean up your diet, but he will also recommend foods to support you in your fitness goals. If you want to lean out, your nutritionist may recommend cutting out all sugar. If you want to build muscle mass, your nutritionist may suggest adding in more lean protein and fiber. Healthy eating may seem intuitive, but there is also a science behind how food affects your body. Let the professionals take what you put on your plate off your plate.

3. Consider a Personal Trainer

If you can afford the cost, hiring a personal trainer can be the most effective way of ensuring you meet your fitness goals. Personal trainers will consult you and create a long-term workout plan specific to your goals. They’ll hold you accountable, giving you the judging eye when you skip workouts. They’ll also push you harder than you might push yourself. You’ll develop a relationship with your trainer and come to see him/her as a friend truly invested in your success. Together you’ll achieve  what once felt like a far-off dream.

4. Set an Alarm Clock

An early-morning workout is easier to achieve and maintain than a post-work workout. So set an alarm and get up earlier. Firstly, the most successful people workout early in the am. Secondly, early morning exercise will boost your productivity throughout the whole day. Successful people tend to get their hardest task out of the way before 9am, and for many, the hardest task is committing to a workout. Get it in early and you’ll keep it consistent. Not to mention, if you know you have an early-morning workout, you’ll make better choices the night before.

5. Make a Schedule

If it’s not on the schedule, it doesn’t exist. Think this way. Schedule in your workouts and actually write them down. Then print your schedule out and hang it in an obvious place. Your family or roommates can keep you on track, because they’ll also know when you intended on working out.

6. Grab a Buddy

We’ve said it before many times, but we’re gonna say it again. Get a workout buddy. Not only will your friend keep you accountable, working out with a friend makes fitness fun. And vary it up with your friend. Kick around a soccer ball at the park or get on the tennis court. Go for a trail run together with your dogs. Bike to your favorite coffee shop and have a cup together. Make time for being active together and you’ll want to meet up as it’ll be the best part of your day.

7. Find a Community

We love at-home workouts and believe you don’t need a gym membership to get fit. We love being able to workout morning, noon, or night when it is convenient for us, and we can’t imagine not having awesome at-home equipment at our disposal. But we also believe sustaining a life-long commitment to fitness is all about community. Depending on your preferred way to workout, you can find fitness communities in the form of adult sports leagues, running groups, Crossfit groups, yoga teachers, kayaking or climbing clubs, trail running teams, and many more. Check out your local newspapers for listings for active groups or read the bulletin boards at the coffee shops or food co-ops around town. If no group exists, create one. Chances are there are other people who are looking for a fitness community too.

8. Remember: Every Choice is a Chance

Every choice is a chance to either live in wellness and suffer in illness. And this doesn’t just come down to what you eat and drink or whether you work out. Living a life of true wellness means giving joy and positivity to the world. But of course, this aptly applies to what you eat and drink and whether you work out. Hitting the snooze button instead of getting your butt out of bed is a choice. Going for the cream puff at the office break-room is a choice. Carving out an extra 30 minutes of your day to go for a run is also a choice–a strong choice that says you are committed to achieving your fitness goals.

9. Seek Inspiration

No matter how perfectly detailed your goals, it’s easy to lose faith on your fitness journey. To avoid the plateau blues, seek inspiration in the form of quotes, mantras, photos, and friends. My favorite mantra is, “A year ago, you’ll have wished you started today.” Also, when I’m facing a difficult moment in a workout, I concentrate on a face that gives me strength. Some days it’s my mom or best friend, and some days it’s my own self staring back at me. I don’t let myself get away with a lackluster effort, because ultimately, I’m the only one who suffers the regret.

10. Commit Yourself & Focus

Straight up, achieving your fitness goals is going to take hard work and determination above all else. Get strong mentally and commit yourself to seeing results. When you’d rather stay asleep, don’t. Get up and get at it. (Unless your body needs sleep more than a workout. Listen to yourself!) When you’re feeling blue from life’s little battles, work it out…literally. Grab a Sandbag and lift. Get on the Dip Station and dip. Speed rope until your stress and worry and doubt are gone. You’ve got to commit your focus to living healthily, doing the workouts, and eating well. You can do it!

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