A few years ago I read The Diet Cure by Julia Ross and it was a startling eye opener on the subject of allergy addiction. The Diet Cure helped lay the foundation for a major sift in my eating habits and overall well being.

If you’ve not heard those two words used together – allergy addiction – that’s ok but it is something you might want to investigate further if you’ve ever struggled with weight and more importantly – food cravings.

It turns out that if you are allergic to a food like milk or wheat – you may be locked in a cycle where you have become addicted to the pain killers your body secretes when you eat the food containing the allergen. Foods you are allergic to harm your digestive tract but you don’t feel the discomfort because your pancreas floods your system with pain killers – and your pancreas makes some custom tailored and super powerful stuff. Just like any addiction, your body will then crave those foods so you can trigger the pain killers again and again. And that’s how you wind up with an allergy addiction.

It’s a cycle that can affect many aspects of your life – including mood swings, alcohol consumption and of course your eating habits. You may have been in this cycle since you were a child.

In her book, Julia delves deeper into the practical realities of living with allergy addiction and how to beat it. Ross is a strong proponent of using specific supplements to offset your cravings while you learn how to alter your diet and heal your digestive system.

The good news is it’s easy to identify the foods you have issue with and strong support while you work out the changes. Besides losing weight, you might discover that foods you have issues with have simply been making you feel bad and tired all day long. You might also have a long list of secondary nuisance aliments the go away once you remove the allergen from your diet.

And the best news is if you have struggled with weight and your best efforts at making change have always seemed to fall short then this might just be a piece of the solution you’ve been looking for.

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