img_4064-2The mission at Ultimate Body Press is to develop strength that supports and active lifestyle.  Whether you are a couch potato or a competitor, running can also be a rewarding part of your fitness experience and it is a great compliment to an Ultimate Body Press workout.  So if you have never tried running or it has just been a while, now is the best time to start.  Do a few reps of your favorite exercises on the UBP to warm up then go for a jog.  Short, long, fast, slow whatever, it feels great.  Give running a try and checkout seriousrunning for some added insight.

The site is chock full of resources for runners, with running shoe reviews, a message board, training plans for races from 10k to full marathon, and user-submitted maps of running routes, and a spot devoted to finding, sharing and reviewing competitive races around the world. Add in their excellent blog on all aspects of the running lifestyle, and it’s a great destination for anybody interested in running.