Scientists recently uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: Environmental toxins make you fat and can cause diabetes.

Here’s an article from Dr. Mark Hyman citing a powerful link between environmental toxins and fat loss. We already know that our daily lives bring us into contact with hundreds of toxins but you may be surprised to learn that you body has to make fat to capture those toxins and protect you from their harmful effects.

Those same everyday toxins can affect your  insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels – which is key if you are at risk for diabetes but on a more day to day level toxin build up can affect whether you feel energized or lethargic after your eat (burning energy vs. storing fat).

It’s quite a powerful read and Dr. Hyman includes some sound information on how to help your body be a powerhouse toxin eliminator doing just a little bit more of the things you are doing every day – like breathing and drinking water.

Our favorite is increasing the amount of time you spend sweating… so visit the store and pick yourself up an Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar, Push Ups Rings, Sandbag, and a Pull Up Bar and remember that workout gear at home lets you support toxin elimination daily with brief intense workouts that don’t require a drive to the gym.

Additional Resources

Dr. Mark Hyman:  How Toxins Make You Fat: 4 Steps to Get Rid of Toxic Weight

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