Here at Ultimate Body Press we’re dedicated to Living with Fitness Daily. In fact, that’s our new motto. We believe that to sustain a life-long commitment to wellness, we’ve got to find the motivation and inspiration to be more active every day. But how? The key is to fall in love with fitness.

Unfortunately, for too many of us, working out feels like punishment for our bad choices and habits. We turn to the gym to punish ourselves, because of our body shame, our insecurities, our fear of weight gain. Too often our relationship with fitness derives from an unhealthy place riddled with negative thinking.

It’s time to truly fall in love with fitness and truly fall in love with ourselves. It’s time to ditch the negative thinking altogether forever. It’s time to seize every opportunity to move our bodies. Here are some suggestions for how to fall in love with fitness that work for us. Tell us how you’ve come to love fitness! What keeps you motivated? What keeps you coming back for more?

Love the Way Fitness Makes You Feel

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If you’re jumping back into fitness after a stint away, you might feel sluggish and possibly even defeated at first. But before you know it, consistent exercise will boost your metabolism, your energy levels, your productivity, and your happiness. You’ll feel lighter and powerful. You’ll begin to even love the feeling of sore muscles, because you know you worked hard and earned it.

Love the Variety

Celebrity Trainers

Celebrity Trainers: Haley Pasternak, Lacey Stone,     Jason Wimberly, Amen Iseghohi

From HIIT, yoga, boxing, running, bodyweight exercises, zumba, weight training, crossfit, mountain climbing, biking, swimming, SUPing, and more, there are infinite ways to get fit and to love it. Working your body doesn’t have to feel like work. Catch some sunshine, take a dip, jump on your bike and ride around wherever. Take a youthful, carefree approach to fitness and you are sure to enjoy yourself. You are sure to fall in love.

Love the Community

Crossfit Community

Crossfit Community

This is the sweetest joy. Whether you decide to join a gym, attend regular yoga classes, create a running group, or get invested in Crossfit, the fitness community is rich and can offer many benefits to your life. You’ll have a support system to keep you motivated and keep you honest. Friends will cheer you on during difficult sets and celebrate your fitness successes. These relationships will become the most important to living a life of wellness. Do what you can to find a fitness community and discover all the life-affirming benefits.

Love the Scenery

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Your fitness life will get you up and outside. You’ll discover the most thrilling mountain-top views and lush swimming holes off the beaten path, all in your efforts to be more active. Enjoy an early morning kayak ride around a near-by lake. Bicycle along the beach boardwalk and soak in the sun. Grab some friends and play touch football in the park. Fitness can take you into the center of the best of nature, and who doesn’t love that?

Love the Music

There are so many songs to amp you up for a workout. I’ve been loving “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea lately. I feel fancy and sexy and strong when I’m pushing through a severe rep round with this song playing. Whatever your music tastes are, there is a song to fit your fitness mood. Turn up the tunes and knock it out.

A Few More Sweet Workout Songs
“Come on to Me”
- Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul
“Bang It Out”
– Breathe Carolina ft. Karmin
“Best Day of My Life” (Remix) – American Authors
“Best Friend” – Foster the People
“Jealous” – Chromeo
“Addicted to You” – Avicii

Love the Gear

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Superficial as it seems, gear makes working out even more fun. When I hit a fitness goal, I reward myself with a new piece of gear. Right now I’m loving the PhD line for men and women from SmartWool, the Women’s Mix Master Move Glide shoe and the men’s All Out Rush shoe both from Merrell. I’ve already invested in my Ultimate Body Press gear (Dip Station, Pull-Up BarSandbag), but I’m looking forward to upgrading my at-home workouts with the push-up rings. Getting new gear makes the fitness fun. Work hard and reward yourself.

Love Your Increased Success

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Turns out, working out makes you more successful. You’ve likely seen the lists of the Things Successful People Do…well, working out consistently is always on there. Exercise boosts your metabolism, which increases your energy, which improves your productivity and ability to focus, which launches your success. Fall in love with how confident and successful you’ll become with consistent exercise.

Love the Challenges

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This is hard. It’s hard to love what is hard. But when you achieve the hardest thing you didn’t think possible, the greatest joy emanates from your heart. I took a yoga class once, and during a long, deep squat, our yoga teacher smiled wide and shouted “feel the love!” When he said that, I realized I could love that burning feeling in my thighs instead of hating it. Now I concentrate on loving the challenge, smiling through the hard sets, believing I have the power to complete something tough, and doing it. I’m in love!


What are some other ways you’ve fallen in love with fitness? Share the love and email us!