Athletes know that their bodies need the right amount and types of energy to perform, but when choosing breakfast foods, many tend to neglect proper nutrition for easy and convenient dishes. Carbohydrate rich foods like pancakes, waffles, and cereals can be delicious, but they lack the protein you need for energy and calories during performance. Some athletes even try tossing a scoop of protein powder into their pancake or waffle mix, but this can be rough on the body and still won’t give the boost you need.

The body can only properly break down either a protein or a carbohydrate one at a time, and most recommend that you should enjoy your sugars or carbs at least 30 minutes apart. As an alternative, consider starting out your day gluten-free with a breakfast composed of 4 eggs cooked with olive oil and red pepper, followed by a banana, pear, or orange about thirty minutes after. It’s delicious, packed with nutrients, and gives you the calories you need to perform. But don’t worry about wiping carbs out completely from your diet or trying to eat four eggs every day. This is just one type of breakfast plan that can work for you. Talk to your nutritionist to find out what changes you can make to your diet to improve your athletic performance.