Live Lean Nutrition Law #5


I’m sure you’ve heard of the 5 P’s.

Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance

This is very relevant when it comes to nutrition. Here are a couple quick and simple tips on how to prepare for success.

#1. Cook in bulk

When cooking food, always cook in bulk. For example, if you’re grilling up a steak for dinner, grill up 4 servings and store the leftovers in Tupperware. You now have 3 other servings to use for snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This goes for your veggies as well.

#2. Dedicate one day per week for:

a) Recipe selection for meals for the coming week

b) Grocery shopping

c) Cooking the meals in bulk

By adding this simple habit to your lifestyle, you’ll always have access to healthy foods regardless of how busy your schedule is.

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