More than ever, professionals are working from home. As reported by Business Insider, Fox, and Fortune, working from home has drastically increased in response to the market crash of 2008. Working from home can be great with added freedom and flexibility, but it can also be hard. There isn’t anyone around to notice bad habits or poor choices, particularly when it comes to mindless eating at your desk and hours spent without moving.

Instead, try amping up your fitness game, increasing your energy, and boosting your metabolism at work. Check out our favorite at-work/at-home equipment pieces that will not only sculpt your body, but will improve your work productivity and make you more successful too.

Dip Station

The original dip station from Ultimate Body Press is the most versatile, lightweight, easy-to-access piece of equipment you’ll ever need. In minutes you’ll have it set up and takes up minimal floor space. Ideal for Chest Dips, Tricep Dips, Bodyweight Rows, and Knee Raises, the dip station is capable of working every major muscle group of your body. Its snap-together design makes it perfect for discreet storing if you don’t have a designated exercise area of your home. Knock out 3 sets of dips in between difficult work tasks and feel less stressed and more energized. Sustain an assisted dip while on a conference call.

Pull-Up Bar

There’s nothing like powering down on a few pull-ups to get the work aggression out. Whether you’re dealing with frustrating clients with ever-changing needs or your printer suddenly won’t print, just head to the pull-up bar. You’ll fire up your back, shoulders, arms, and core all while clearing your mind to solve the tough issues. Not to mention the jolt your metabolism will experience every time you raise your chin over the bar. We call that #BOSSMODE #BEASTMODE. This is the mode that kicks ass and takes names and gets the work done.


The sandbag is a crucial item to have at your convenience. It may seem counter-intuitive, but lifting heavy will lighten your load. Physically, you’ll lose weight, and emotionally you’ll lose self-defeating mantras. When a particularly difficult problem arises, grab your sandbag and lift that thing. Add in squats for a doubly effective fat burner. Then return to the work issue. After proving to yourself you are physically strong, you’ll feel mentally strong, and that will help you tackle your problem. Not only that, but you’ll have fired up your big muscles which burn major calories and offset the negative effects of sitting in a desk chair.

 Speed Rope

Jumping rope will bring you back to childhood, and you’ll feel lighter and more youthful than ever. Plus, the speed rope can be tucked away in any drawer and is extremely convenient. But hang it on the wall instead and use it more often. Every hour, jump rope for 2 minutes at maximum speed. Studies have shown that short spurts of max effort can be just as effective at burning fat as a moderate 60 minute jog. Boost your metabolism, boost your fat loss, boost your mood, boost your life!

Putting It Together – The Workout

There are infinite workouts possible with this at-home gear. Here’s 1 sample workout we love. 

Total Time: 20 Minutes

Warm Up
: 5 Minutes
8 Walking Lunges each side
8 Squats
8 Squat Jumps
8 High Knees
8 Standing Arm Reaches each side
8 Standing Core Twists each side
(or your own 5 minute equivalent of low-level plyometric movements)

Exercise Breakdown: 15 Minutes
50 seconds work / 10 seconds rest or hold plank / 3x

This type of short workout is meant to be performed at max intensity. Think of each exercise as a chance to burn yourself out and give it every last ounce of resources you have. The rest is short, but the long rest comes when you’ve finished and you realize you’ve got your whole day ahead of you. Much better than wasting hours working out at the gym.

Rest  or Plank

1. Speed Jump Roping

Rest  or Plank

2. Knee Raises with Dip Station

Rest  or Plank

3. Pull-Ups or Ape Hangs on Pull-Up Bar

Rest  or Plank

4. Sandbag Squats with Overhead Press

Rest or Plank

5. Bodyweight Rows with Dip Station

Rest or Plank