We all know we must prioritize fitness to have healthy and successful lives. But juggling our responsibilities to find the time to exercise is sometimes asking too much. Our families, studies, and jobs often take precedence over fitness. However, if ignored, your lack of exercise could negatively affect your families, studies, and jobs. On the other hand, when you live with fitness daily, you increase your energy and outlook, improve your body and body image, and boost your overall happiness. It’s time to make the time for fitness, and here’s how:

At-Home Gear

You’ve got to have great gear at your home, easy to access at any free point throughout the day. If you have to drive to the gym, sit in traffic, and navigate the crowded machines, you’re likely to skip the workout altogether or worse, go and feel stressed instead of invigorated. The revolution is awesome at-home gear. We’re passionate about our dip station, sandbags, and pull-up bars as the perfect additions to any home gym. Stay basic or add accessories into the mix.

Sets Throughout the Day

Whether it’s jump roping, push-ups, squats, or a round of bodyweight exercises, break up your day with short bursts of burn-out sets. Not only will you relieve stress and clear your mind, you’ll also boost your metabolism. You’ll increase your energy too, all while getting your workout in.

Get a Buddy

Enlist a friend to workout with you. Your friend will keep you accountable and keep you honest. Your friend can count your reps and rest while you count hers. It’s a true win win. Plus, working out with a friend makes it feel like fun. Share your goals with one another and help each other when you aren’t crushing sets—like when she looks susceptible to poor food choices. Basically, help each other to live with fitness daily.

Lay Out Your Clothes & Envision It

Seriously, it may sound silly, but thinking about and envisioning your next-day workout can be extremely effective to actually working out. So much about being fit is simply making a strong decision and sticking to it. Laying out your clothes and envisioning the workout helps to follow through on the strong decision to exercise.

Increase the Intensity (And Workout Less)

Think of every exercise as an opportunity to increase the intensity and shorten your workout. High intensity interval training and  Tabata Protocol are awesome ways to get a sculpted body in much less time. Studies now say that you don’t need to slave away at the gym for hours to get fit. In fact, shorter workouts with higher intensity can burn more calories than a 60 minute jog.

Choose Something Over Nothing

If you can’t commit to a full-length workout, do what you can. When it comes to fitness, something is always better than nothing. Move your body every chance you get. Can you bike to work? Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier and take a walk? Can you take 5 minutes every other hour to do some push-ups or squats? Every little effort to be more active adds up. Not only are you getting fitter, but you’re developing the habits of someone committed to wellness for life.

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