Ultimate Body Press wants you to discover the Shape of your Best Life.  Fitness is key to your health and wellness, productivity, personal relationships and happiness, professional opportunities, and so much more.  It’s more then just fat loss, it’s a real path to realizing the shape of things that come from living at your best.

Integrating fitness into your daily life does not mean trips to the gym and endless cardio – that’s the old way. The new way of having fitness in your life is through healthy eating, knowing your metabolism and keeping yourself ahead of your caloric intake.

Quality gear in the home and a little training makes daily fitness easy by giving you the tools to keep your metabolism activated. A little muscle definition helps quite a lot too and reaps more rewards then just helping with fat loss.

Take a few quick reps here and there throughout your day to make real change in your life and if you want to do more than just manage your weight – like taking up CrossFit, training for a 5k, developing six pack abs, a defined chest or new performance on the field, Ultimate Body Press will help you reach any fitness goal.

So for Summer 2014 we want you to find out what you like and how to tailor fitness to your tastes. A great place to start are the training videos and nutrition advice from our resident fitness expert Brad Gouthro.  We’ll also be looking to increase your know-how on the latest health and fitness research to help you get the right fit for your daily fitness.

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