While strength training can be a great exercise method for anyone, most people don’t recognize that different types of strength training can affect and benefit the body in different ways. Depending on your unique build and body composition, strength training may have different affects on various muscle groups. The changes will be both in appearance and performance, but just be prepared for varied results.

One of the most dominant forms of strength training is that of body building. Using specific workouts and dieting, this fitness regimen can yield big gains in physique, yet can leave the body without the agility, balance, and coordination shared by those who use an all over approach to strength training, another popular style of exercise. While muscles may not get as large with this method, using total-body, multi-joint exercises can help you build your entire system and gain the other fitness skills you need to be a formidable athlete.

Dips, squats, the snatch, the clean and jerk, and deadlifts are popular strength training exercises that will work your entire body, including your hormonal, nervous, and skeletal systems. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and a good diet, you can see great improvements in your ability to not only have power behind your exercise, but also skill. Train your body correctly and get the healthy, lean muscle you want. Remember, it’s not about muscle size. It’s about performance.