“Even the best trackers can’t recognize all of your movements. As I sit writing this, my wrists are motionless, but my leg is tapping to music. My activity trackers don’t seem to notice–fidgeting won’t be reflected in the calorie counts they show me. That’s too bad, because there’s an interesting amount of research suggesting that a propensity to fidget is one reason lean people stay lean. More surprisingly, perhaps, only the trackers made by Basic and Body Media gave me credit for being active when riding my bike.” – Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times Well Blog

Activity trackers aren’t necessarily great for measuring levels of exertion, but they do capture the bigger fitness picture. Noting the difference many of us spend being active on the weekends versus the weekdays can be an eye-opener. These tracking bands help remind us to move more during days at the desk. These bands can be especially beneficial for those who move very little. Many brands will beep if the wearer has been sedentary too long.¬†

Jawbone’s Band can be set to alert you if you haven’t moved in a specified amount of time. It will also tell you to go to bed earlier to meet your step quota the next day. (Sleep affects your ability to be productive and active.)¬†Most of the bands encourage connection with friends who also have the device, promoting team responsibility in keeping each other accountable. And as they say, knowledge is power.

Dr. Rajani Larocca, a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, did a study with 10 patients testing activity bands. According to Dr. Larocca, every person increased their level of activity by being more aware. “People felt more knowledgeable,” Dr. Larocca said, and so they begin self-tracking their own fitness.

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fitbit band

Nike Fuel Band

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Jawbone Band

jawbone band
Misfit Activity Monitor

misfit band
Body Media Activity Tracker

body media band
Basis Science B1 Band Watch

basis science band
The Pulse

the pulse tracker


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