I just completed my first run in the new Nike Voremo 4 running shoes and all I have to say is, “BOING!”  These shoes are set up with Nike’s top of the line cushioning material and you can feel the difference.  Having just retired my 2008 Air Pegasus, I noticed a difference immediately.  Now that may just be the sensation of going from older shoes to new ones, but the improvements that I can feel are a nice snug fit through the midsole, a more roomy toe box and better cushioning,  all things I really value. 

Nike Voremo 4

I am a neutral runner and I don’t really use a heel to toe running mechanic so whatever kind of technology Nike is putting in the heel of the shoe does not much concern me.  However, I did tried on another brand shoes that are designed specifically for my running style and although I appreciate the more durable tread in the midsole, they still did not match up to the fit and cushioning of the Voremos.  I also tried on the newest Air Pegasus model which were also nice but the sales people at Jus Running in Asheville, NC made a great point by distinguishing between the materials and the length of time that the shoes will hold up.  So I shelled out the extra $50 for the premium model. What the heck, you only go around some many times so you might as well get the best while you can. 

I also run in a pair of Brooks racing shoes, just for fun.  Racing shoes in general have less cushioning and are more flexible so your foot can really feel the ground.  The added feedback from a racing shoe is nice for shorter runs and speed work because you get a better sense of how your foot is contacting the ground and you can fine tune your running technique.  That being said, when it’s time to log some higher miles, I have not found a better shoe than Nike Voremo 4.