Healthy bodies need a hefty dose of fruits and vegetables, especially if you plan on working to the max. To squeeze in more fruit into your diet, try using your blender to create delicious and incredibly nutritious smoothies. The key is to use only whole fruits – not fruit juices which are high in sugar and low in fiber. Blending whole fruits and some veggies can be a great way to slim down, boost your energy, and get those extra nutrients. If you want, you can even turn a smoothie into a protein shake just by adding your favorite protein powder.

When choosing what smoothie to make, factor in the seasonality of the ingredients. Not only will this help you save money but it can also ensure that your smoothies taste great with ingredients that are fresh and at their best quality. Check with your farmers market or produce section in a local grocer to find out what fruits and veggies are in season. If there’s a fruit you’d like to include, frozen can work in lieu of fresh.

Also, don’t be afraid to include veggies like sweet potatoes or carrots. These sweeter vegetables can blend well with many fruits and could boost your veggie intake also. Just be sure that you’re testing the smoothie as you make it. Need more sweet? Add some honey instead of sugar or fruit juice. Want more calcium? Use low-fat yogurt or milk with your recipe. Want to cool off? Add ice and make a frosty beverage. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your smoothie. Find what recipes work best for you.