Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bars

Joist Mounted Pull-Up Bar
Ceiling Mounted  Pull-Up Bar 24″
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If there is one exercise you had to do, it should be pull-ups. Pull-Ups work every muscle of your upper body including your back and core and can be made more challenging with a few simple variations. Beginners can work toward pull-ups with a variety of hanging exercises.

You don’t need bulky, complicated pieces of gym equipment to get in shape. As we often say, simple is best. Using the Pull-Up bar is a tried and true way of gaining muscle definition and strength while burning fat. Mark Sisson, the Paleo King, also hails the Pull-Up bar as the ultimate piece of equipment in the guest blog post, The Importance of Pull-Ups on Mark’s Daily Apple.

Guest blogger, Al Kavadlo, says, “Thanks to pull-ups, I haven’t felt the need for crunches or bicep curls in years and I don’t expect to ever again. In spite of this, my abs and biceps are strong and well developed. Pull-up bar training is essential for the simple reason that gravity only works in one direction.”

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Ultimate Body Press Pull-Up Bars

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