30 Day Catching Fire Workout Challenge

Ultimate Body Press has paired with bodyrock.tv and thedailyhiit.com to bring you the 30 Day Catching Fire Workout Challenge. Give us just 30 days (a mere 15 minutes a day for fitness) and follow our nutritional guide for how to eat, and in one month you’ll be enjoying a whole new you. Give it 30 days!


Time: 10 Minutes

Workout Breakdown:
7 exercises
30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
2 x

1. Squat + Sandbag Press

2. Burpee + Sandbag Row

3. Side Plank Leg Lift & Through

4. Speed Rope Skipping

5. Single Leg Thrusts with Sandbag

6. Sandbag Swings

7. Plank Walk Out

 YOU DID IT! You’re that much closer to the body and life you want.

In Case You Missed It:

Day 1

Watch and follow along as Professional Trainers perform the workouts in real time, gassing out just like you do at home. Bring the heat and intensity for 12 solid minutes of muscle-firing exercises. We know you don’t have an hour and a half to spare driving to the gym, working out, showering, and driving home. But we know you have 12 minutes. Give us 12 minutes!

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. Every exercise can be modified for less intensity. Take for example the rope pull exercise. Instead of having your legs hover off the mat, keep your feet firm on the ground. This is one of many similar modifications for beginners. But no matter your level of fitness, each of you needs to bring the intensity for the full 12 minutes. We  promise you, it doesn’t take hours to get fit; all you need is your determination.