When it comes to exercise, we try not to play favorites. However, we can’t help but prefer time challenges where your only competition is yourself. Time challenges are all about beating your personal best, allowing you to track your growth and firing you up to push yourself that much harder….all in effort to beat your own record. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. There are beginner modifications for each exercise, which Zuzana demonstrates in the video.

Red Hot Girl Workout Time Challenge
10 Reps  –  Seated Pull-Up with Dip Station

10 Reps  –  Knee Crunch

500 Reps  –  High Knees with Speed Rope

50 Reps  –  Core Twist Push-Up

500 Reps  –  High Knees

25 Reps Each Arm  –  Hip Thrust with Sandbag

Here’s a Pump-Up Song to Get You Beating Your Personal Best!

Dip Station
Speed rope