Toxins surround us in our daily lives, but we must do what we can to avoid them. However, avoiding toxins is easier said than done. Everything from our cleaning products to our shampoo to the clothes we put on our backs and to the foods we expose ourselves and our children to can contain harmful toxins.

But we needn’t be slave to the toxin! Everything can be made and consumed organically, even down to the products we use to clean our homes. Below is a list of natural alternatives (many of which you’ll likely have in your cupboards already) to toxic-filled and costly products from the shelves. Take apple cider vinegar for example. Not only does it taste great in apple pie smoothie, which also promotes weight loss, but it can repel fleas and treat acne among other things. Not to mention the cleaning power of lemon juice, the beautifying power of coconut oil, or the scrubbing power of baking soda.

Try these regular household items out in non-intended ways and see for yourself how simple it can be to avoid toxins.

72 Uses to Avoid Toxins & Use Household Products

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