US News and World Report recently released its annual review of the best diets projected for 2014.

As their website explains, “Best Diets 2014 cuts through the clutter of claims. Now in its fourth year, Best Diets delivers the facts about 38 eating plans and ranks 32 of them on a range of levels, from their heart healthiness to their likelihood to help you lose weight. Each profile explains how the diet works, determines whether its claims add up or fall short, scrutinizes it for possible health risks – and reveals what it’s like to live on the diet, not just read about it.”

Despite the fact that it was the most googled diet plan of 2013, the Paleo Diet actually ranked last. Best Diets 2014 cited high price for diet maintenance, missed nutrients in grains and dairy, and lack of research supporting the diet’s effectiveness as reasons for the poor ranking.

If you follow the Paleo Diet, don’t worry. Many of the highest ranked diets were ranked as such simply regarding their level of convenience. Jenny Craig, for example, delivers meals directly to dieters’ doors and was ranked high for taking the guess work out of eating better. After all, a large criticism of many diet plans is that they are too difficult to follow and thus will not be maintained. Though convenience is a top priority for many busy dieters, convenience is hardly the only or most important factor for rating an eating plan.

Take for example the Slimfast Diet, which ranked fairly well for its convenient, grab-and-go nature and ability to promote weight loss. Although the meal planning is done for you with calorie-count pre-configured, surely eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein (as in the Paleo Diet) is healthier than drinking a processed food product with umpteen unpronounceable ingredients day after day. Weight loss and convenience should not be the sole measures for a healthy eating plan.

Though we find fault in certain aspects of their assessment system, Best Diets 2014 does give great nutritional facts on a wide range of eating plans, some popular and some obscure, and for that, we recommend taking a look at their list.

To read the full report on all reviewed diets visit:
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