We’ve all heard of the biggest of the big health and fitness celebrities like Dr. Oz, Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, Jillian Michaels, and of course, First Lady Michelle Obama. However, although lesser-known, some on Greatist’s list of 100 Most Influential Health and Fitness People are emerging as the best and brightest in the field of wellness.

Mark Sisson, Paleo King

Mark Sisson

photo credit: marksdailyapple.com

For instance, Mark Sisson has inspired a revolution on his popular blog Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark’s mission is to challenge what people think they know about health and fitness, offering up a whole new way of life in his book The Primal Blueprint. Mark’s book focuses on the Paleo lifestyle, which trended as the most googled diet plan of 2013.

Steve Kamb, Fittest Nerd

Steve Kamb

photo credit: nerdfitness.com

To follow in the caveman footprint is Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness, the self-proclaimed “average Joe Nerd” who isn’t a fitness expert, but a “regular guy in the trenches” right alongside his readers. Promoter of the Paleo diet and intuitive fitness plan, Kamb excites and inspires his lovingly-dubbed “rebels” in a down-to-earth, community-based manner. Take for example this article on How to Lose Weight Without Doing One Minute of Exercise.

Neghar Fonooni, Empress of Empowerment

Neghar Fonooni

photo credit: eatliftbehappy.com

For some time we’ve followed Neghar Fonooni, personal trainer and lifestyle coach, who provides tips, motivation, recipes, and workouts specifically for women. She also offers a 6 month coaching program where she inspires and supports you in your journey to adopting a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Marion Nestle, Food Policy Mover-and-Shaker

Dr. Marion Nestle

photo credit: foodpolitics.com

Author of multiple books on food policy and safety, Dr. Nestle not only writes a compelling daily blog, but is also Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University. Doesn’t hurt that she also has a Ph.D in molecular biology and a M.P.H. in public health education both from Berkeley.


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