When it comes to keeping in shape, most people tend to look towards the gym to find fulfillment, however, by using some smart budgeting and some savvy shopping skills, you can create a home gym that pays for itself in just a few years. Don’t blow your hard earned cash on a gym membership when you can incorporate these four elements into your home workout plan:

Take a Dip

Investing in a Dip Machine can be one of the smartest decisions you make as you train. Get yours from UltimateBodyPress.com to deliver unmatchable strength training workouts for all of your muscle groups.

Tune In

Using workout videos can be a great way to start getting in shape in your home. Public libraries, video stores and secondhand book stores have a broad selection of workout videos in different genres for you to try while working out, or you can always take a look on your local television schedule and see if there are any trainers broadcasting during your workout times.

Get Climbing…

…your stairs that is. Staircases can be a great way for you to get in a workout without leaving home. Just be sure that you’re using safe, effective exercises when using this alternative piece of equipment.

Fitness Essentials

If you’re the kind of exerciser who wants an all around work out, be sure to stock up on jump ropes, dumbbells, stepping platforms, and yoga mats to get all of your muscle groups working as you perform various exercises as part of your regimen.