100 Days of Push-Ups

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Motivation |

There are certain bodyweight exercises that just deliver results, that are tried and true, and that take some effort to master. One of our favorites is the push-up. A classic exercise you probably learned in gym class as a kid. And as you probably know, push-ups are hard. They simultaneously work your shoulders, arms, pecs, back, and core. For Estella Gong, push-ups were difficult from the get-go. But after working on her push-up form and...

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The Incredible Life of Ernestine Shepherd

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Motivation |

After the passing of her sister, Ernestine Shepherd made a vow to achieve something truly great. She set out to be the world’s oldest, female bodybuilder. And she did just that. From a mostly inactive lifestyle, Ernestine started eating cleanly (with a nutritionist’s guidance) and lifting weights at the gym. Oh, and did we yet mention she started this at the ripe age of 56? Ernestine is now 77 and inspires other senior citizens that...

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Getting Back Up: How to Return to Fitness After Periods of Inactivity

Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Motivation |

Have you ever gone through periods of inactivity? Whether due to injury, pregnancy, relocation, job loss, or simply the struggles of life, you’ve likely gone through a span of time without exercising. For most of you (including me), it is the most difficult to get moving again after stagnant times. For nearly 2 months this winter (due to relocation, financial changes, and the plain ol’ cold) I stopped working out.  2 weeks ago, with...

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The Science of Will Power

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Motivation |

It’s nearly Spring, which means we’re all thinking about Summer and bikini bodies. You may be considering a lifestyle change from Winter nights of comfort foods and red wine. Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal talks to the TED blog about the science behind willpower, how to rethink resolutions, and how to make your goals stick. Q & A What is Willpower? McGonigal: I define willpower as the ability to do what matters...

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Building Your Athletic Body: Mind Over Matter

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Building Your Athletic Body: Mind Over Matter Curated from: The Athletic Build Author: Allison Moyer IF you want to look like an athlete you need to train like one. This is true. However, before you can train like one, you need to begin thinking like one. True strength, the kind of strength that generates life change, always begins between the ears. IF you want to look like an athlete you need to train like one. This is true. However, before...

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The Problem with Beauty Magazines

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Motivation |

Shed Your Weight Problems or The Problem with Beauty Magazines Here at Ultimate Body Press, we are committed to bringing you the best at-home equipment, nutritional facts, recipes, motivation, tips, and tricks to make your life the healthiest and happiest it can be. Sometimes this means ditching sources of information that only reproduce unhealthy images of comparison that serve no good. Created by NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information...

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