Live Lean Nutrition Law #5

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Live Lean Nutrition Law #5 Preparation I’m sure you’ve heard of the 5 P’s. Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance This is very relevant when it comes to nutrition. Here are a couple quick and simple tips on how to prepare for success. #1. Cook in bulk When cooking food, always cook in bulk. For example, if you’re grilling up a steak for dinner, grill up 4 servings and store the leftovers in Tupperware. You now have 3 other servings to...

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Live Lean Nutrition Law #6

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Live Lean Nutrition Law #6 Drink Lots of Water Think about it. Your body is made up of approximately 70% water, maybe more. It’s NOT made up of 70% Coca-Cola. Follow this simple calculation to calculate how much water you need to consume a day: Drink ½ your body weight (in lbs) in ounces of water So if you weight 150 lbs, your water goal is to drink 75 oz of water a day. Here are a few tips to drink more water: #1. Carry a water bottle around...

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Live Lean Nutrition Law #7

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Live Lean Nutrition Law #7 Everything In Moderation You’re going to like this one. Everything we’ve covered in the previous 6 “Live Lean Nutrition Laws” needs to be used in moderation. Remember this is a lifestyle NOT a quick weight loss crash diet. Perfection is not the goal on your journey to live lean. Sustainable progress is. If you miss a meal or binge on junk food DO NOT freak out and beat yourself up. What’s in the past is in the past....

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Push Up Rings Expand your Dip and Pull Up Bar Workouts!

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It’s easy to get great new results fast with Push Up Rings from Ultimate Body Press.  Push Up Rings work with any pull up bar and your Dip Bar Fitness Station to add new compound bodyweight exercises that will help you build lean muscle fast.  Push Up Rings add a new stability challenge to push ups and planks but they also make doing push ups more comfortable as the high density foam over rigid cores work with the shape of your hands and...

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Brian M Home Gym – Outdoor Pull Up Bar

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Thanks Brian for sharing your awesome outdoor gym! That’s a cool custom install of our Pull-Up Bar. We can’t decide what we love more: the fact that you can do dips and body weight rows outside year-round or that you created this with your father, a United States Marine. We’d love to see photos of the equipment after you’ve finished painting it yellow and gold to honor your father’s service. What we truly love most...

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